Selling Durham Region Real Estate

durham real estae picEveryone wants to command the highest price possible when selling real estate. The key is to be reasonable, knowledgeable and patient. Here are three tips to get you started on the right road to real estate sales success.

Hire A Reputable Agent

It helps to have a Durham Region real estate agent at your side to ensure you get the most money for your property. It is possible to list and sell your property yourself, but unless you have gone through several listings and sales successfully this is not an option you want to take.

A reputable, experienced agent knows the Durham Region inside and out. He or she understands what the current market is like, and also knows how to list your property for a top price, but a reasonable one that is certain to bring in serious offers.

Do Not Answer All Questions When Selling Under Duress

A job loss or illness can force a homeowner to sell. There are some real estate agents who may ask this question of you and promise to get you the highest price imaginable. Do not give in to these promises.

Your property will sell for the best price if you are patient. If you must sell, you can still obtain the fair market value of the property by avoiding the trap of giving in to people who promise to pay over the asking price or who promise to sell the property in a week.

If these individuals find out you have a real financial crisis, they are more likely to lean into you and see you give in to their false promises. Do your research. If you can find another way out of your financial difficulties, do so. If the house sale is crucial to financial recovery, work with agents who are sensitive to the matter but who respect your needs at a difficult time by earnestly working with you to attain the best, most reasonable price for the property.

Make Minor Repairs

Fix a wobbly railing, install a new light fixture in an otherwise dark hallway, and by all means splurge on a coat of paint for the exterior and interior of the home. The way the property looks to potential buyers results in the amount they pay for the property.

Follow these tips for selling success. You will see your Durham Region real estate sell in a reasonable time for a price you cannot refuse.