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Things You Should Know Before Buying Bahamas Real Estate

Bahamas Real Estate

Located only 60 miles off Florida’s coast, the 700 islands that make of the beautiful coral archipelago of the Bahamas, has attracted tourists for decades. Some of those visitors to the islands were so moved by this tropical paradise, that they purchased estates and made the Bahamas their home away from home. You, too, can purchase Bahamas real estate. Here are some things that you should know before buying property in the Bahamas.

Work Permits

While you can live in the Bahamas if you can prove that you’re able to support yourself without a job, anyone who doesn’t fall into this category will need to obtain a work permit in order to find a job. It is not easy to find work on the islands if you don’t have a specialized skill that there is a great need for. Even a degree isn’t usually going to be enough to secure a work permit for you. For example, an engineering degree would typically have to be accompanied with a minimum of 5 years of experience to be competitive with other foreign applicants. You can start a business in the Bahamas, provided that you have a Bahamian partner, if you have the finances to do so.


Anyone can buy residential property on the islands without prior approval from the government, provided that the property is valued over $250,000 and includes 5 acres or less. A purchase of this type would allow you to apply for annual residency, which would allow you to live on the islands with your spouse and children. A property purchase with a value over $500,000 allows you to apply for permanent residency. In either case, you still would need to secure a work permit if you needed employment.

Cost Of Living

The cost of living in the Bahamas is very comparable to that of the United States, but you’d benefit by the fact that there is no income, estate, or corporate taxation in the Bahamas. Property taxes are generally less than in the U.S., and if the property is owner occupied, there is no property tax on the first $250,000 of assessed value. If you plan to relocate to the Bahamas, plan to either budget to spend more for consumables on the islands, or plan ahead to make trips to Florida to stock up on necessities.

Purchasing Your Dream Home

It’s unlikely that you’d ever regret your decision to purchase Bahamas real estate, but it’s always advisable to seek guidance from real estate professionals to make sure that you’re making the right decision. MCR Bahamas Group has access to listings in the most prestigious neighborhoods of the country, and well as many “un-listed” properties that are being offered for sale. Their agents will help you to find the perfect home for you, and then work on your behalf to obtain the best terms for your purchase. You can visit them on their website.

There’s no better time to make your dreams come true than right now. Contact MCR Bahamas Group today, and watch as your vision for your future unfolds!

Exaimining The Durham Region Real Estate Market

Durham Region

Durham Region

Are you currently interested in investing into the real estate market in Durham region? If so, you are going to want to make sure that you do all of the necessary research beforehand. The key to finding the right market to invest in all comes down to the research that you complete. In this article, we will be going over some of the different factors that you should look at when you are trying to figure out whether or not you want to invest in the Durham region.

Examining The Durham Region:

1. Location.

One of the first things that you should do is check to see whether or not you like the location. Do you think that the market situation is going to improve or go down in the near future? Are you planning on making a move in the near future? If not, you might not be too worried about the market fluctuations. Always try to look at the location in different ways. You want to see whether or not you would like living in the location, but you will also want to look ahead at what you may be doing in the future. If you are planning on living in Durham short term, it is very likely that you will want to try to find a location that is going to be an up and coming location that will appreciate the home that you invest in.

2. Pricing.

Another thing that you will want to closely monitor and consider when you are attempting to examine the Durham region is the pricing. You want to be sure that you find a property at a great price. The only way that you will be able to effectively do this is by looking around and shopping around the various properties in the areas that you like. The good news is that there are plenty of different ways to get a better price on a property that you are considering. If you have the flexibility, you can simply wait until the market conditions are in your favor and then pounce on a property that you find to be a good match.

3. Schools.

If you have a family and kids, you might want to consider what the school system is like. After all, you want to be sure that you place your kids into a good system so that they can have a much greater chance at succeeding. The best way to do this is by looking at the various school systems and seeing which ones produce the best results in terms of test scores.

As you can see, there is plenty that you will want to look at and consider when you are attempting to find the top places to invest into in the Durham region. Be sure that you shop around in order to find the best property for yourself and your family. By considering the above factors, you should be able to find a good one.

Streetsville Real Estate Is Hot In Mississauga Ontario Canada

house in streetsvilleAre you looking to buy or sell Streetsville real estate in Mississauga, Ontario? Canadian real estate is red hot, and there are some great deals. Whether you’re looking to browse simple residential listings for relocation purposes or diving into the real estate market as an investor, your mission will be rewarded.

Mississauga real estate, specifically within Streetsville, has numerous listings available, and there are many agents that can help you either as you look for a property or as you prepare to close on one. The community or “village” of Streetsville is anchored in tradition and culture, and its historical buildings and landscapes are top notch.

The Credit River runs through the village. If you’re planning to buy property in Streetsville, you can join in the fun with community events, such as the Santa Claus Parade, Canada Day and the Bread and Honey Festival. When it comes to sports, hockey rules!

If you’re a Streetsville property owner and are looking to sell property, then you need to be in touch with the right real estate broker. You don’t want your property listing sitting stagnant when the market is so hot right now.

While the process of buying and especially selling real estate can take time, the right deals are to be had these days. This isn’t just a quick trip through the real estate market, however, as Canadian real estate has been popular for quite some time. It is at its peak these days, and the trend looks as though it’s going to continue.

If you’re buying real estate, you might want to know a little more about Streetsville. They also have an annual tree lighting ceremony. There are also historical walking tours, and there are local charitable organizations to get involved with as well.

Many people are also purchasing Streetsville real estate as an investment. Its prime location and the village feel and scene make these properties prime real estate. Whether you want to buy luxury investment property here to flip or rent out, there are plenty of listings.

If you’re a property investor, remember the guidelines for these types of property purchases. They are very similar to those of the United States, so they’re not difficult to understand. Ultimately, many people are making the jump to buy real estate in Streetsville or hold as an investment. So that means if you’re the seller, it’s a good time for you, too.

Canada Real Estate- The World’s Most Sought After Housing Market

toronto canadaMost financial gurus as well as their counterpart real estate experts unanimously concur with the fact that Canada offers some of the world’s best living opportunities. The truth is that in recent years, Canada has become the most sought after destination for investors. In addition, Canada real estate investing is competitively priced and vast. Additionally, it has a good appreciation rate. This real estate sector has been an attraction for many foreign investors owing to the hassle-free legal system that this sector exhibits. If compared to property markets in the United Kingdom, United States or France, you will discover that investment in Canada is more than affordable. Despite Canada’s high standard of living, the cost of living is low compared to many other countries.

With the reinforcement and empowerment of the Canadian economy, many people are streaming into the country. As a result, there has been a growing demand for properties. Real estate experts can foresee a radical boost in the county’s economy in a few years to come if the demand for Canadian property remains high. The greatest advantage of investing in this sector is that individuals who are not Canadian residents can also own property in the country. Before investing in Canada real estate, there are some aspects that you need to understand.

The Rise Of Average Incomes

If you are looking for a strong real estate market, this is a factor you must take into account. It is better to invest in places where the average gross income of residents is increasing. As a result, the property price will also be on the rise. In fact, to be more specific, consider the rate at which the average income increases. Provided the average income is increasing at a fast rate, you can make a real estate investment even in places with low average incomes.

The Flow Of Booming Markets

Investing in property market can be very convenient if its neighborhoods had previously experienced an immense growth in the property values. Such an increase can positively impact on areas in the vicinity. The surrounding areas can also heat up although at a rate that is quite slow. This phenomenon has been evident in surrounding regions of a booming market. If you closely follow such patterns, you are likely to tap into an awesome real estate market.This is a market that has given real estate investors an opportunity to broaden their investments.